Superior Lace Up Boxing Gloves


Superior Training Boxing Gloves are manufactured with high grade leather. The gloves are made to the safest and highest quality in the industry, in which many boxing champions around the world wear, endorse and support them. They give you the best protection for your hands,  are great for sparring, bag, and mitt work.

The inner padding is constructed using the finest multi- layered combination, of both high density impact and open cell soft inner foams that help to provide a comfortable all round fit - The gloves are ergonomically contoured to follow the natural shape of the hand - This allows for easy fist closure and promotes correct punching technique, which in turn can help reduce the risk of injury - The wrist has a shock absorbing style padding with a leather strap and velcro fastening to help provide the wrist with further protection - These gloves are an ideal all round training glove


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