So you’ve decided to get a new pair of gloves. The brands, colors and designs probably seem endless. But, before we start narrowing our choices down using the above criteria, it is best to determine what model glove is most likely to fit our hand well. Below are five different gloves best suited for those with smaller hands.

1. Fairtex BGV16 - The Fairtex BGV16 is an adapted version of Fairtex’s BGV8 amateur boxing glove. The BGV16 is handmade in Thailand using genuine leather. It features a compact glove compartment, grip bar and shorter cuff. The compact glove compartment provides a snug fit and the grip bar makes forming a fist effortless. The BGV16 is available in four colors: Forrest Green, Khaki, Orange, and Maroon.

2. Fairtex “Metallic” BGV22 - The Fairtex BGV22 is handmade in Thailand using Fairtex’s patented synthetic leather. An adapted version of the BGV1, the BGV22 features a more compact hand compartment and a grip bar that makes a forming a fist effortless. They come with a matching heavy duty plastic bag and is available in three glossy metallic colorways: Red, Purple and Green.

3. Twins Special BGVL3 - The Twins Special BGVL3 is a classic glove that is handmade in Thailand using genuine leather and is a favorite among many fighters and hobbyist alike. The BGVL3 was designed for the elite fighters of Thailand. Due to most Thai fighters being smaller in stature, the glove naturally has a smaller fitting hand compartment. Twins Special gloves are more padded than many of the competing brands and offer some of the best hand protection in their class. While some prefer a thinner glove that provides more feedback during training, it is recommended most beginners, or those with smaller more fragile hands choose a glove with maximum protection in mind.

4. Top King - Top king gloves offer similar hand protection as the Twins Special BGV3, but have a longer cuff for added wrist support (just note, the longer cuff can make clinch work more problematic). The hand compartment of the Top King is very snug, but has a little extra room at the end for those with longer fingers. Top King gloves are handmade in Thailand with fine genuine leather. If sweat is an issue for you during training, try a pair of Top Kings “Air” series. The Air model has ventilated mesh palms, allowing the hand to breathe during training and reducing the time it takes for the glove to dry out.

5. Boon Compact - While not as well known as their counterparts to the masses, Boon gloves receive high praise from those within the “know”. Boon gloves are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and premium leather. It just so happens Boon gloves has one of the tightest fitting hand compartments of Muay Thai style gloves. These gloves tend to break in over time and form to the users hand, allowing people with various hand sizes to achieve the perfect fit.


While this list is by no means conclusive, we hope it at least points you in the right direction of choosing your next set of gloves!





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Selecting The Right Gloves

Factors to consider when selecting your next pair of gloves.