MK1 AER Focus Mitts

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Introducing the Aer Boxing Mitts – Top-of-the-line air mitts handcrafted using our signature leather. Featuring a round shape and air pocket within, this air mitt is designed to absorb heavy impact from punches while providing support to joints and muscles during use. The Aer Boxing Mitts are lightweight, highly comfortable on the hands, and feature closed fingers to avoid jamming as a boxing coach. 

Protective & Forgiving - Hold mitts with the comfort of knowing your shoulders won't take the brunt of the strikes thrown. 
Extremely Comfortable - Manuever your air mitts easily during boxing sessions, and get the most out of your rounds without pain or discomfort. 
Ultra Light - Maximize your training utility with minimal fatigue; focus on your boxing instruction, not how tired your arms are getting. 

Product Specifications:
The pad measures 9 inches from top to bottom, 7 inches in width, and 4 inches in thickness. The exterior of this product is made of genuine leather and contains a stack of 1 inch of PU foam and 1 inch of EVA foam. The strap is approximately 1.5 inches wide and secures/adds stability to your wrist. One mitt weights approximately 11 ounces.