MK1 Mark 1 Training Gloves

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The Mark-1 Training Glove is a robust, ultra-durable training glove tailored for intense drilling, bag work, and sparring. Its five-layered construction guarantees a perfect blend of quality and utility, providing the utmost comfort, durability, and protection for your punching hands. Its Velcro closure is fitted with a broad strap, which affords users maximum control, a snug fit, and optimal support for their wrists.

Inside, its moisture-wicking fabric offers super-soft comfort. All components of this glove adhere to the highest safety and quality standards in boxing. A unique feature of the Mark 1 Training Glove is its sleek profile, given its weight. Furthermore, the hand compartment of this glove is medium-sized, ideal for wearing wraps.

Engineered leather is employed to make this glove, with the perks of it being thick, soft, and odor resistant. Additionally, its 5-layer foam system offers the top-tier protection necessary for extended workouts, and it has been crafted with versatility and safety in mind. Great for training, sparring, and bag work in sports such as Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Sambo, this glove has been manufactured through machine and handmade processes and proudly designed in Los Angeles.