MK1 Select Lace Up

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Handcrafted using extra buttery smooth genuine leather, the Select Lace-up Boxing Gloves will be the new standard for boxing. Our premium inside liner offers a snug fit and leaves ample space through the fingers for a natural feel during training. The durable yet comfortable punch foam allows you to work through intense rounds of drills or sparring, knowing you're protected and giving great punch feedback with each strike. The glove is balanced to perfection; the distribution of weight, quality, and natural are hallmarks of The Select Collection. MK1's best all-around boxing glove will be ready right out of the box; requiring no break-in, your Select Lace Up Boxing Gloves will be ready. Will you be?

Uber Protective - Throw your strikes confidently, and push to your limits while keeping your hands safe.

Exceptionally Balanced - Gain consistent punch feedback, and maximize your precision while keeping injury risk low.

Incredibly Natural & Comfortable Fit - Snug and secure, train freely and dynamically boxing round after boxing round.

Impeccable Quality - Carefully crafted with buttery soft leather, They'll get past your 3rd month of training without blowing up.

Modern Monochrome Design - Bring sophistication and elegance to the boxing gym, not flaming dragon patterns.


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