TKB Hybrid Focus Mitt

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The unique shape of the TKB Exteme provides a perfect medium between kick pads and focus mitts. These pads are a light enough to work fast hand combos, yet have enough surface area to catch kicks comfortably.

Top King Focus Mitts Extreme are constructed using leather and other world class materials. They feature multiple layers of high density foam padding for superior shock absorbency.

The unique concave shape provides the pad holder with superb control. White circle focus targets on striking surface are great for accuracy for drills. These punch mitts offer a universal fit for easy on/off. Special padding on the back of the hand, wrist and forearm cover provide additional support for the trainer. The durable leather wrist strap features a D-ring, hook-and-loop Velcro closure. All of these features make for a secure fit on the trainer’s hands.