RDX Aura Plus Focus Mitt

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The RDX Aura Plus Focus Pad Mitt features a durable Maya Hide™ L'orme Skin leather striking surface that ensures longevity. The 'IMF' technology moulded foam padding absorbs impacts effectively, while Sponge X Padding on the sides provides additional protection. Designed for training hooks, crosses and jabs, it offers an ergonomic and secure fit, enhancing your striking performance.

  • Durable striking surface crafted with Maya Hide™ L'orme Skin leather
  • Highly absorbent 'IMF' technology moulded foam padding
  • Added protection with Sponge X Padding on the sides
  • Palm dome grip ball to hold the pad securely in place
  • Designed to improve striking precision
  • Ergonomic and secure fit for enhanced performance
  • Versatile design to cater to various strike training needs
  • Measurements: L=25.5cm, W=21cm, T=5cm