Engage MMA Hybrid Shorts (Player 1)


Introducing the Player 1 Collection.

This range of Fight Wear is built for those who are confident in their journey and playing the role of the main protagonist. You craft your own destiny with the work you put in. Player 2 does not enter the equation. 

This is a nostalgic odyssey through the pixelated landscapes and 8-bit vintage style. A classic range of fight wear crafted for comfort, style, and to evoke the timeless charm of classic video games.

The MMA Hybrid Short is an evolution of the best-selling MMA K1 Hybrid Shorts designed for competition use to meet the requirements of the world's highest ranking MMA / UFC Fighters. The MMA Hybrid Shorts are the result of years of research and development with world-class fighters, athletes, and trainers.

Engineered to maximise movement with a short cut and 100mm side split to provide unparalleled comfort, these ultra-lightweight fight shorts are a staple for any skill level practitioner.