Fairtex Extra Large Heavy Bag (HB3)


The Fairtex HB3 is a larger version of their classic style heavy bag. It is ideal for building punching power, muscular endurance and mobility. The added weight increases the energy required to push the bag around. The HB3 heavy bag requires more upper body strength and power compared to the Fairtex HB2.

This heavy bag’s outer shell uses a blend of materials. The bottom half of the bag uses durable leather and the upper portion uses high quality synthetic material. Inside, there is a heavy-duty nylon lining that is water and tear resistant. The industrial strength nylon web straps have extra stitching and rivets to reinforce key stress points. World class materials and construction are used to make this Fairtex HB3, extra large punching bag.

Height: 40 inches

Diameter: 16 inches

Weight: approx  32kg filled

Color: Red