UFC Adrenaline by Venum Fight Week Bag

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This convertible backpack-duffle bag is part of the latest high-octane collection from Venum and the UFC. Used by athletes during the week preceding Fight Night, the UFC Adrenaline by Venum Fight Week collection is as hardworking as the fighters themselves.

The bag’s main compartment contains an array of pockets, designed to keep your training gear and belongings organized when you’re on the go. Keep your laptop safe in a separate pouch, your shoes separate in a ventilated compartment, and all your essentials can be stored across various zippered and elasticated pockets.

The bag’s unique side panel converts it from backpack to duffel bag, using the detachable waist straps as shoulder straps.

  • Dimensions: 31.0 x 58.0 x 22.0cm


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